3.5 inch Poster

This poster set is about our old friends, 3.5 inch floppy disks.Higher density drives are built to read, write and even format lower density media without problems, provided the correct media are used for the density selected. This Posters shows, how many floppies are enough for current softwares.

Result (Approximate)
46 disk for iTunes 8.02
358 disk for Adobe Photoshop CS4
1760 disk for the Sims 3
12 disk for Firefox 3, 36 disk for Firefox Add-ons

It is available at Antreposhop.com
many thanks to Emre Basak for base images of Artworks.


testing thing said...

I am suddenly reminded of those old Rhino records ads where they talk about how many LP's, 8-track, or cassette tapes you'd get with your purchase of Freedom Rock (or whatever collection they were selling at that moment).

Awesome work. I am off to rummage through my old Sierra On-Line boxes to count floppy's... ;)

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