I'm not a solar panel

We care about the size of our ecological footprint and Antrepo understands that to improve our environmental performance we need to measure and quantify our current impact. Also we think, it is important that we support renewable energy and recycled material.

Our latest project is about catching your reflection. It's light source comes from your sparkles not from the sun. And It's called "SolarClone" - a modern cheval glass mirror. It is made from recycled material to help save the planet too. Material is used for white finished recycled aluminum and ultra clear mirror as the material mirror of solar equipment. The dimensions are 160x47 cm.

We are now in a research process to find a partner company for the production process. The companies interested in this product may contact Antrepo Design Industry through its web site. antrepo4.com

Other products of "i'm not product series":
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Anonymous said...

where I can buy these products?

Antrepo Design Industry said...

Solarclone is just a prototype and we are working for production. Also some of our products are in the production process now...

We will announce that when it is ready!


Anonymous said...

I would like to buy one for my bf and for myself. When will you produce this mirror?

Also I love your designs. Waiting for your products soon. Please announce asap.

buythecow said...

Amazing! I want it!

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