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Canon AE-1, Nikon FTn, Ashai Pentax ESII, Minolta XG-1, These cameras are some of the Japanese 35mm SLR cameras from the Vintage 70's/80's "the Made in Japan Era", when Japan set the global standard of producing quality.

When we take a look at the vintage 35 mm cameras, we notice that, almost, all of these brands use the same style for their logos and typography (line based logos and extended-outline fonts). By the way they use bold logos on their packaging or advertising in 70's/80's. the Production Industry created "line based logos" for metal bodies, probably to cut down the production costs.

So we try to see the digital world in the same perspective of this vintage style.

Vintage Camera Ads (it shows two different logos)
Canon AE-1 Ad
Minolta XD-7 Ad
Nikon Heritage Ad 

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Anonymous said...

Very good! Many are a great improvement.

Kat said...

I really like this project, it's nice to see the strength that the logo's still have without the colours we have all become accustomed to.

Anonymous said...


KubuS said...

How can I make this line-based alternative for my logo?

Anonymous said...

This looks very impressive. Is there any PSDs available?

Syahban said...

Wow.... they all very nice.

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